Award Presenters Year Venue
Silver Award of Excellence 2nd Ghana Business and Services Excellence Award 2005 Accra
Overall Best Entrepreneur 2015 Breaking Barriers Africa Projects & Africa Youth Chamber July 2015 Accra
Group CEO of the Year 2015 Entrepreneur Foundation of Ghana April 2016 Accra
International Star Award for Quality (Gold Category) Volta Serene Hotel Business initiatives Group (BID) September,2016 Paris, France
Manager of the Year 2015 The Socrates Committee Oxford, UK 2016 UK
Business Excellence in the Construction Sector T.W.A.R.M Business & Leadership 2016 Dubai
Outstanding Construction Company of the year 2015 T.W.A.R.M Business & Leadership 2016 Dubai
Best Enterprise in the field of Road Construction (First Sky) The Socrates Committee, Oxford UK 2016 UK
Mantrac Road Construction Awards 2016 Mantrac Company Ltd 2016 Accra
Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, Inductee Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana 2016 Accra
World Quality Commitment Award (GOLD CATEGORY) First Sky Ltd Business Initiatives Group (BID) October, 2016 Geneva, Switzerland

Awards - First Sky Limited

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Ghana Highway Authority
Department of Urban Roads
Department of Feeder Roads
Ghana Road Fund
Ghana Road Safety Authority
The Ministry of Roads and Highways
Millennium Development Authority (MIDA)
Ghana Cocoa Board

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